Infinitive – வினையெச்சம்

Infinitive is a verb-noun
If the verb is limited by person and number, it is called as Finite verb.
If the verb is not limited by person and number it is called as Infinitive.

எ.கா i) Rama likes to play cricket.

ii) He promised to help me.

Infinitives: to represent tense of the verb.
The infinitive is usually used with the word to before it, but sometimes it is found without to.
பொதுவாக infinitive ஆரம்பத்தில் to ஐ கொண்டிருக்கும் ஆனால் சில வினைச்
சொற்களுக்குப் பிறகு வரும் infinitives, முன்னால் to ஐக் கொண்டிருப்பதில்லை.

Use of the infinitives:

1. Infinitives used as the subject of a verb. (வினைச் சொல் எழுவாயாக)
i) To play cricket is pleasant.

ii) To ask question is easy.

2. Infinitives used as the object of a transitive verb.
i) He likes to play cards.

ii) She refused to obey his orders.

3. As the complement of the verb.
i) I am here to help you.

ii) My greatest pleasure is to watch television.

4. As the object of a preposition.
i) He has no choice but to obey.

ii) The speaker is about to begin.


Pick out the infinitives in the following sentences.

1. Hari likes to ride.

2. He refused to pay fine.

3. To watch cricket is pleasant.

4. I hope to hear good news.

5. I wish to go home

6. To err is human.

7. To forgive is divine.

8. We eat to live.

9. He always likes to speak the truth.

10. They wish to walk.

1. She is preparing meals
இதில் வரும் கோடிட்ட வார்த்தைகள் Gerund ல் உள்ளது அதனை infinitive ஆக மாற்ற,
predicate verb பின்னால் வரும் ing ஐ நீக்கி, முன்னால் to preposition ஐ சேர்க்க infinitive

She is to prepare meals.

2. The boys are learning grammar.

3. He learns typing.

4. She is singing songs.

5. Gardening is a hobby.

6. I am reading a novel.

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